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  • 0106-2024

    Choosing the right cabinets is essential to improving the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen.

    There's no point in having a kitchen designed for baking if you only ever make pasta. Similarly, there’s no point having drawers and drawers of kitchen storage if you only use the same few spoons and spatulas for all of your meals. You’re the only person who knows how you cook, so you can plan all the design elements for that. Similarly, if you’re always using the same toaster and food processor for almost every meal, then adding a simple plywood cabinetry can that texture and utility to your kitchen! That way, you can effortlessly tidy them away when they’re not in use but have them instantly revealed when you want to get cooking.

  • 0405-2024

    How to choose cabinet material

    When choosing cabinet materials, you need to consider aesthetics, durability, environmental protection and budget. Solid wood is naturally beautiful and has good texture, but the price is high. You need to pay attention to the impact of humidity changes on the wood; artificial boards such as particleboard and medium-density fiberboard are cost-effective and stable. You can choose E0 or E1 standards with high environmental protection levels; stainless steel materials Durable and easy to clean, they are suitable for modern-style kitchens, but they may appear cold; ceramic tile or stone countertops are wear-resistant and heat-resistant, suitable for families with frequent cooking, but are heavier and require professional installation. Considering the frequency of kitchen use and personal style, if you pursue nature and high-end, solid wood or stone is the first choice; if you prefer something that is economical and easy to maintain, you can consider high-quality artificial boards. At the same time, we pay attention to the environmental certification of materials to ensure the safety and health of the home environment.

  • 2704-2024

    Highlights of cabinet products at the 2024 Canton Fair: Design innovation and green technology lead future kitchen trends

    At the 2024 China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), the cabinet product exhibition area attracted the attention of global buyers with its unique design concepts, innovative technological applications and commitment to green and sustainable development. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of several highlights of the cabinet products exhibited at this exhibition, and show the latest trends in the cabinet industry from multiple perspectives such as design aesthetics, intelligent functions, environmentally friendly material applications, and brand strategies.

  • 1111-2023

    How to buy kitchen cabinets? - Hanse

    When buying kitchen cabinets, start by measuring your space and setting a budget. Consider your design preferences, choosing between styles, materials, and finishes. Research reputable suppliers or visit showrooms to view samples. Assess quality through construction details and hardware. Get quotes from multiple vendors, factoring in installation costs. Review customer reviews for insight. Ensure transparent warranties and delivery terms. Prioritize functionality and storage needs. Ultimately, a well-informed decision will lead to stylish, durable kitchen cabinets that seamlessly blend with your home and lifestyle.

  • 1103-2022

    3 Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

    This can take on many forms. Cereal bowls can go with all the other cereal bowls and wine glasses can go with all the other wine glasses, or items can be grouped in sets, such as the Fiestaware bowls going with the Fiestaware plates and the matching mugs.

  • 1806-2021

    How we work with?

    Quality and style at the best price – that is our goal. We offer a better full house cabinetry solutions not only the kitchen cabinets. Each cabinet is proudly build to order with best price.

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