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Hanse offers the best Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe, Bathroom Vanity, TV Cabinet, Wine Cabinet and other Home Furniture. With exceptional designs and our professional one-stop project service, Hanse products and services are recognized internationally by contractors, project brokers, builders, and building design companies.

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Located in Foshan city, Guangdong province, China, with 150 employees and 30000 square meter production facility manufacture center equipped with advanced production equipment, With 12 years experience engaging in the design, manufacturer and distribution of integrated kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, bathroom vanities and other storage cabinets.

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Foshan Hanse Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Accurately measuring your kitchen cabinets involves a few straightforward steps. First, gather necessary tools: a tape measure, pencil, notepad, and possibly a level. Begin by measuring the width of the cabinet at the top, middle, and bottom, recording the smallest measurement to account for any unevenness. Next, measure the height from the floor to the bottom of the cabinet and from there to the top, ensuring accuracy. Don't forget the depth—measure from the front edge to the back wall of the cabinet interior. If the cabinet has shelves, record their positions and depths too. Finally, check diagonals to confirm squareness. Use these measurements when planning renovations or purchasing organizational inserts to ensure a perfect fit.

  • To organize kitchen cabinets effectively, start by taking everything out and cleaning the interiors. Categorize items into groups like dishes, cookware, and food. Purge duplicates and unused items, then assign each category a 'zone' based on use frequency and accessibility—frequent essentials go in easy-to-reach spots. Utilize vertical space with risers and dividers, and install drawer organizers for utensils. Implement Lazy Susans in corner cabinets and consider pull-out shelves for deep storage. Label all containers, and use cabinet doors for hanging racks. Regularly review and adjust the setup to maintain an orderly and efficient kitchen.

  • Combining white cabinets with granite countertops is a classic choice for kitchens, offering a sophisticated and versatile design foundation. White cabinets reflect light, visually expanding the space and providing a clean, crisp background that pairs beautifully with the rich veining and natural hues of granite.