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Take a look at this project Hanse did in Sydney, Australia. Thanks to its simplicity and beauty, white lacquer cabinets are very common in the market.

White lacquer kitchen cabinets     White kitchen cabinets

 Here are some advantages of lacquer cabinets:

  1. Lacquer kitchen cabinets are very durable, especially against acid, alkali, water and wear damage.

  2. Unlike cabinets made of varnish, shellac, natural oil stains and polyurethane, lacquer kitchen cabinets provide a tough surface and can last longer without peeling problems. The finish stays sharper for longer, while other finish options tend to yellow.

  3. Lacquer cabinets are sturdy and last about ten years.

  4. The lacquer seal protects the wood from the inside-out. A fresh coat or two of paint on the cabinets before they start to fade will help preserve their appearance.

  5. Lacquer has different gloss - it can have a pure tone like a stain or a shine like a solid paint.

  6. Paint is perfect for spraying because it melts into the kitchen cabinets, giving the finish a quality that feels like the silky smooth of paint without strokes.

  7. Lacquer can also be used for stained wood products.

  8. The finish dries quickly in 15 minutes at room temperature, so multiple coats can be applied in a day.

With 12 years experience engaging in the design, manufacturer and distribution of kitchen cabinets, Hanse Cabinet have both natural cherry cabinets and solid oak kitchen cabinets. We can provide you with a free consultation. Click here if you need it.

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